which marquee? clear span marquees v traditional marquees v capri and tipi tents

If you are new to the world of marquee and tent hire then you might find the following guide a useful starting point.

Clear Span Marquees

These are the most popular marquee structures, and the ones that C&S Marquees specialise in, for one simple reason ”“ they are without any internal or external obstructions and because of that you can create any theme from such a blank canvass.

A clear span marquee is made up of an aluminium frame, with white PVC walls & roofs. They have no internal poles or external guy ropes and when fully dressed no part of the frame is visible.

What we like about them over all other types of tent or marquee is how interchangeable the walls and roofs are. They dont just have to be plain and solid. They come in various options. The walls and roofs can be clear which gives a conservatory style effect, and the walls can incorporate Georgian windows which is a very popular look.

Also, it is very easy to add things on to the main marquee like a porch, a catering marquee, and covered toilets.
Internally they also offer a lot of flexibility as there are different styles and colours of linings, swags and drapes for the walls and roofs.

If erected by a reputable company (like us) they come with solid wooden floors as part of the structure which means a good venue stylist can come up with all manner of carpet colours and designs to create separate areas.

These are the reasons why they are so popular. No one marquee celebration need look like the other.

Traditional Canvass Pole Marquees

Similar to circus marquees traditional canvass pole marquees are constructed in the same way with wooden central and side supporting poles and external guy ropes, and are made of canvas.

Before clear span marquees became popular this is the type of marquee that was used universally. But, they are not as common now for weddings as they are extremely difficult to maintain in a condition good enough for a wedding because they have a tendency to suffer from mildew, and are very difficult to clean after a few years use. So, most marquee hire companies stay clear of them.

You will still see them at large agricultural and horticultural shows where the quality of the canvass is less important.

If you can find one in a good condition then they make a very upmarket and elegant alternative to the clear span marquee when adorned with bunting, fairy lights or custom roof drapes.

American Style Marquees

The American Style Marquee is a hybrid of the traditional canvas pole marquee which is made of PVC, with aluminium poles and is constructed in a similar manner.

They can be distinguished from the traditional canvass pole marquee by their multi or twin-peaked roofs.

They are known as the American Style Marquee because they are usually manufactured and imported from the USA, which also makes them more expensive to hire because of the shipping and import duties.

Teepee and Kata Tents

You might fall in love with the Teepee/Kata Tent, many people do as they are very unusual and quirky. Ideal for a fairy tale wedding reception.

They are like giant wig wams but they are usually brown Scandinavian Kata camping tents.

However, a wedding designer cant go quite as bonkers on the creativity and customize the interiors as they are a very simple structure of canvass over wooden poles, usually with a central fire. So, each party can look similar to the other.

But, Hey, what the hell? Its their simplicity which makes them appeal .

Put some wood on the fire, get that incense burning ,the candles lit and with the correct furnishings they can be incredibly romantic and bohemian, especially by the side of a lake or the sea, as you gaze into the eyes of your betrothed. Just hope and pray there is no wind and rain on the day of the event.

Bedouin, Moroccan and Indian Tents

Hip, trendy and a fashionable option for a wedding reception.

Like the Kata tent they are enchanting, romantic , and lend themselves very well to the smaller intimate wedding party with a touch of the exotic.

Wedding designers love them because they can really let their creativity loose with such a variety of fabrics and soft furnishings from woven cloths for Moroccan and Arabian styled events, delicate hand block printed cotton interiors for Indian tents and hand loomed silk interiors.

Capri Style Marquees

Capri style marquees are unique and unusual. They offer the same benefits and limitations as the Kata tent.

They can be made to look fantastic but they havent got the same range of customization as the clear span marquee.

Several Capri marquees can be joined together for larger events and they can be styled to create a charming event, but I think they also work best for small intimate weddings.