5 stylish features to make a marquee unique

12 metre curve roof marquee interior image

Just the other day one of our sales team did a site visit with a potential marquee hire client who had a good budget and wanted their marquee party to have a real wow factor.

They wanted to know if anything could be done to create something a little bit different to the common rectangle or oblong marquee layout.

When considering hiring a marquee there is a common misconception among people who don’t know marquees that a clear span structure can only be configured in an open oblong layout similar to a warehouse and that you can’t do anything interesting with a marquee.

One kata tent hire company even describes them as “run of the mill” on their web site – Nothing could be further from the truth!

The clear span marquee is the most versatile of temporary structures for staging a spectacular party, wedding or event, far more so than a brown Scandinavian camping (kata) tent or traditional pole marquee, because of it’s modular structure of 3 metre and 5 metre bays and an extensive range of additional components that are available for customizing any event.

Far from being restricted to a rectangular floor plan there are some interesting items that can be added to the main marquee structure to create stunning entrance ways, rooms or unusual areas in various configurations from 3 metres x 3 metres upwards.

Here are 5 of them:

tri cone with solent canopy marquee entrance image


The TriCone joins three clear span marquee structures creating one marquee with three separate areas around a communal area.

The TriCone is made up of a canopy which is connected to three starter bays and comes in either clear or plain PVC .

It is a very unusual and striking option for creating an entrance reception area or a central feature area for guests to gather such as a bar and lounge.

3 metre Romsey Pagoda Marquee Entrance image


A Pagoda can be used to create a bespoke entrance to the marquee.

A number of pagodas adjacent to each other as in the the photo gives a striking look to the front of a marquee.

It’s a simple addition which can add interest to any marquee event design.



6 metre curve roof marquee entrance image

Curved Roofs

A Curved Roof apex is an elegant alternative to customize a marquee structure.

Curved roofs can also be used on walkways and a conversion is available to create a visually pleasing 90 degree bend in a walkway.




12 metre clear bell-end marquee entrance image

Bell End Extension

A Bell End is an interesting alternative to a flat gable end or as an entrance canopy.

Available with solid PVC roofs or clear to bring visual elements of a site into the overall design of the event.




12 metre cruciform marquee interior image

Cruciform Roof

The Cruciform enables the joining of marquee structures at 90 degrees to give full ground-to-ridge clearance and an expansive interior space.

In layman’s terms this means there are no legs every 3 metres as obstructions, just a clear 9 or 12 metre opening onto any area.

The cruciform is a very effective way of creating extensions for dance floors or stages, without the marquee structural legs blocking any site lines.

So, as you can see you don’t have to stick to a convential oblong marquee. Just add any of these extras for a visually stunning interior or exterior effect as reception/bar areas, lounges/chill out or relaxation rooms or seperate dancing/entertainment areas.

Photo credits: Custom Covers