marquee hire prices: how to get the best deal

Everybody wants to feel that they are getting a good deal when they make a major purchase and it should be no different with marquee hire prices. Here are a few simple tips on how to get a good price from a supplier when hiring a marquee.

1.Shop Around

Get estimates from up to six marquee hire suppliers to get an idea who is offering the best marquee hire prices. But make sure you are comparing like for like. Choose your marquee hire supplier carefully and find a reputable firm. Ultimately, providing the price is right, you will more than likely base your decision on which person you like best and feel you can get on with.

2.Avoid Peak Weekends

Many people elect to get married in late May, June and July which often coincides with popular public events with a resulting shortage of marquees and therefore higher prices.
If you want a summer wedding then opt for August when good deals on marquee hire prices can be had.
Or why not have a spring wedding marquee in early or mid May? or an autumn wedding, when October can be quiet for marquee hire companies. A marquee can be tranformed for a winter wedding celebration when the biggest savings can be made on marquee hire prices.

3.Book Early

Marquee hire companies like to plan their schedule well ahead and have as many of the weekends for the following year as possible booked early. So, many offer early booking discounts if you book over 12 months in advance. Not only can you get a good marquee hire price but you will also lock in your marquee price and protect yourself from inflationary increases in fuel and labour. Make sure you read the small print to ensure the marquee hire price you agree is fixed at the point of booking.

4.Book a Marquee Hire Package and Stick to it

There are popular marquee sizes and combinations of accessories that many marquee hire companies offer as fixed wedding marquee hire packages which will include the marquee, carpet, linings, swags and drapes, chandelier lighting, furniture, dance floor, chair covers and sashes, and table linen.
Dont add extras on at the last minute. It’s entrance porches, seperate bar marquees and outdoor furniture options that will bump up the marquee hire cost.

5.Make the Most of the Marquee Space

It’s not unusual to have last minute changes to your guest numbers and that usually means more people rather than less. it’s not always necessary to increase the size of the marquee. you can play about with the marquee plan and squeeze an extra couple of tables into the dining area, or put them on the dance floor and take them away before the evening disco starts. That way you will only pay for extra furniture rather than extra bays on the marquee.

6.Don’t Always Use the Preferred Supplier of a Wedding Venue

Often wedding venues will point you in the direction of their preferred marquee hire supplier. But, mostly they are doing this to suit them, not you. If a marquee hire company has regularly built there then the wedding venue will feel a little bit more comfortable. But, a reputable firm will not find it a disadvantage to be building a marquee at a new venue. They will do a thorough site visit anyway and by using a firm that is trying to build a relationship with a new venue you may get a better deal. Ask the venue if you can use your own supplier, most will say “yes“, as it is their site hire fee that they are interested in.