Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains some of the more popular questions that we are asked about marquee hire.

If your question is not here then feel free to call us with your query.

Q: Why hire a marquee?

A: Flexibility:
You can just about put a marquee anywhere apart from a mountain side. We have joined them to family homes. Put them up in the grounds of stately homes, castles, and ancient abbeys. Incorporated peoples fish ponds within them! They have been constructed in the high streets and squares of major cities, and erected in the car park of your local supermarket.

A. Customisation:
Whether it is for a wedding reception, a charity ball or a corporate event a marquee can be tailored to suit your requirements. From your favourite colours incorporated in the curtains, swags and linings to multi-coloured mood lighting, which can change as your event progresses.

A: Freedom:
You can finish the event when it suits you not when the hotel calls time. The marquee can be erected as many days before the event as you want and removed at a time convenient to you.

Q: Are Marquees affected by the weather?

A: No. They are completely waterproof and the interiors are heated to the correct temperature by thermostatically controlled heaters. They are suitable for use for New Years Eve parties as well as summer balls. If, god forbid, it rains on the day of your event, then we can lay special covered walkways and paths to protect your guests when they are arriving or leaving the marquee for any reason.

Q: How many guests can a marquee accommodate?

A: click on the which marquee link to view our useful table which advises on the size and numbers.

Q. What are your marquees constructed from?

A: We use marquees which utilise Aluminium ClearSpan technology. This means the main body of the Marquee does not have any supports to block your view or take up space. Each marquee is constructed in 3m bays. For example, a 9m x 36m marquee has 12 bays.

Q. I am planning on having live entertainment. Will I need extra space?

A: Yes. A dance floor would ideally need an extra two 3m bays. A live band with a dance floor would need three 3m Bays

Q: What about electricity?

A: This is provided from 13A sockets from nearby buildings or by generator. We will advise you on the safest and most suitable solution.

Q: What if there is an emergency?

A: We want to make sure your event runs smoothly. We provide an emergency telephone number so that In the unlikely event of anything untoward happening on the day you can contact us and we will be on hand immediately to sort out the problem. If you prefer someone can be on site during the event, but we will have to charge you extra to cover wages.

Q: What are the furniture options?

A: We can supply all furniture including round and trestle tables, chairs, bar counters, sofas and much more. Click on the Furniture and Accessories link for more information.

Q: Can I add any personal touches?

A: Of course. This is YOUR event you can personalize the marquee in anyway you want from balloons to banners, exotic table decorations to sophisticated mood lighting. We have an interior design consultant, who can work with you on choosing the best interior fittings and accessories for your event.

Q: How is the marquee Lit?

A: We can supply chandeliers, spotlights or up lighters. There are a wide variety of options which we will be happy to discuss with you.

Q: What about toilet facilities?

A: We will advise you on the correct number of toilets for your event, and we will talk you through the different types that are available from portaloos to luxury toilet blocks.

Q: Can I get any help with organising the event?

A: Staging an event is very time consuming and can be quite stressful. We can organise everything for you from table decorations to the DJ and from wedding cars to guest accommodation. If you would like to discuss your event with us then please give us a call or complete the enquiry form.

Q: What is marquee hire damage waiver?

A: Marquee hire damage waiver insurance provides you with indemnity against the cost of any repairs to the marquee structures and hired equipment (except generators,heaters and toilets) if they are accidentally damaged during the marquee hire period. For a more detailed explanation visit the marquee hire damage waiver page.