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east keswick village hall marquee linings

Marquee linings had been fitted by us to give a marquee style makeover to a rural village hall where I recently attended a site visit with an engaged couple, to show them what could be achieved for their wedding.

They were truly amazed at how the marquee linings had transformed the whole look of the village hall, creating the interior feel of a real wedding marquee.

You can see the results in the photo on the left. Read the full article →


12 metre curve roof marquee interior image

Just the other day one of our sales team did a site visit with a potential marquee hire client who had a good budget and wanted their marquee party to have a real wow factor.

They wanted to know if anything could be done to create something a little bit different to the common rectangle or oblong marquee layout.

When considering hiring a marquee there is a common misconception among people who don’t know marquees that a clear span structure can only be configured in an open oblong layout similar to a warehouse and that you can’t do anything interesting with a marquee. Read the full article →


clear span marquee temporary structure image

I met with a potential customer the other day who are getting married at one of our partner venues, who had suggested they needed a marquee for their evening celebrations as the venue was not big enough to cope with the extra guests in the evening.

When I mentioned that we would happily supply them with a clear span marquee, they replied “what is a clear span marquee?

It was a question which inspired me to write this post as a simple introduction to clear span marquees.

Clear span is a term often used in construction and property to describe an open area with no obstructions. For example, a warehouse. Read the full article →


marquee hire prices: how to get the best deal

Everybody wants to feel that they are getting a good deal when they make a major purchase and it should be no different with marquee hire prices. Here are a few simple tips on how to get a good price from a supplier when hiring a marquee.

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which marquee? clear span marquees v traditional marquees v capri and tipi tents

If you are new to the world of marquee and tent hire then you might find the following guide a useful starting point.

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how to avoid cowboy marquee hire companies

You must choose your marquee hire supplier carefully and, assuming you get a number of estimates from several marquee hire companies, you will find there is a wide range of prices and choice.

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marquee hire: how to choose the correct marquee size

To work out the best size of marquee for your event you should break the marquee up into areas and base your calculations on the number of guests for the seated part of the reception.

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how to ensure the weather doesn’t ruin your marquee event

Writing this article brought back memories of all the times the build team have battled the elements and the extremes of weather in the UK from a July heatwave to the sub zero temperatures of December.

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